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Áine Collins

Craniosacral Therapy, Core Process Psychotherapy

Aine Collins New Cross Natural Therapy Centre

Welcome to this information about me and my practice!

Twenty five years ago I moved from the world of social and community work to complementary healthcare.

I now offer Craniosacral Therapy and Psychotherapy.

Central to my work are two beliefs: there is intrinsic health and goodness at the core of every human being and there is unity between all that makes us human i.e. our mental, spiritual, emotional and physical aspects inter-relate and co-exist as one whole. These beliefs are integral to all of the therapies I offer.

Clients use Craniosacral Therapy for a huge variety of reasons, varying from backache, migraine, sprains and strains, menstrual and menopausal issues, to generally feeling unwell or 'out of balance'. Many come because they have 'tried everything else' and are desperate enough to try weird and wonderful sounding therapies. Parents bring babies because they had a difficult birth and older children because they have learning - concentration difficulties.

I aim to be inclusive and non-discriminatory in my work, valuing and welcoming difference and diversity

In 1994 I completed practitioner training in Craniosacral Therapy with Franklyn Sills of the Karuna Institute. I continue studying with him at a postgraduate level. I am particularly drawn to the model of trauma resolution pioneered by the Institute in conjunction with Peter Levine. I frequently work with people whose chronic pain and distress is the result of trauma experienced for many reasons, varying from car crashes to emotional and physical abuse.

I am a member of the Cranosacral Therapy Association and supervise Craniosacral Therapists on behalf of the Association. I enjoy supervision because it gives me the opportunity to work with craniosacral therapists at both the early stage of their life as therapists and later as they deepen into the work.

I am an Assistant Tutor with Franklyn Sills on the practitioner training at the Karuna Institute. This really keeps me on my toes with the latest innovations in biodynamic craniosacral therapy without invalidating any of my previous learning or any other models of the work.

Finally, I am a psychotherapist registered with the UK Council for Psychotherapy. I offer Core Process Psychotherapy which draws on both Buddhist and western psychology and acknowledges that emotional pain is often held in the body. I have had a Psychotherapy Practice here at New Cross Natural Therapy Centre since 2005.

For more information go to Áine's website, Therapeutic Care

What people have said:

"The thing that strikes me most about Áine's way of working is her unerring kindness. She is also very down to earth and intuitive - varying her approach to suit my needs on that particular day." Susie

"Craniosacral Therapy served as a great support over a long period of enormous personal change. During times when I felt great pain and inner turmoil, the gentleness of the therapy helped me in a profound way." Anna

Lisa Plessey, Midwife, talking about Craniosacral Therapy:

"Craniosacral Therapy is an act of will towards health and self esteem. You go to Craniosacral to work WITH someone, on improving the way your body feels. This was the key issue for me because of negative past experience. In Craniosacral I feel infinitely safe and alert. When Áine asks me what I'm experiencing inside, in the moment, I understand that she requires my consent in focus and intent to proceed, and I learn to trust my own judgement.

In Craniosacral you progress at your own pace and because you WANT TO. That's very empowering.

It's a subtle experience that becomes more certain and palpable in the body as you stop placing judgement or expectations. It's like taking the back-seat for a change, and letting the body do the driving. You watch and register parts of you coil and uncoil in small shifts with a great sense of wellbeing.

With Craniosacral I have resolved a wide range of symptoms from back pain to muscular injury, chesty cold and Pre-menstrual Tension.

Paramount in my view is the loving focus I derive from it for myself.

From Sophia:

"Áine's very calm, gentle and professional approach quickly eased any concerns I might have had. I really like the fact that she can combine Shiatsu with Craniosacral Therapy and Reiki and although you always feel deeply relaxed after a session, each treatment is always very different. She is able to tap into the way you have been feeling and guide you into your own healing reserves and I am very grateful for the lovely energy she has given me over the years. I have recently being cleared from a 3 year long illness (overactive thyroid), and feel I could not have done it without her and other alternative health practioners's support."

You can contact me at the New Cross Natural Therapy Centre or

Phone: 020 7277 8310 or 07919 245411 or Email: or see my website:


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