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Helen Hines

Counselling and Psychotherapy

Helen Hines

What might bring you to counselling?

People usually come to counselling because something is troubling them. This may be problems with confidence or self esteem, difficulty with relationships, blocks to happiness.

Some people have specific events they need help with coming to terms with and processing, such as loss, a death, abortion, past abuse, change of any sort. Others have ways of thinking or moods that they would like to change such as anxiety, fear or depression.

There may be struggles with creativity, uncertainty about identity, struggles or feelings of shame or guilt.

We all find different ways of coping in life, some of these coping strategies might be helpful, others will compound or block our problems further. Addictions or avoidance of difficult situations are common and are often counter productive.

Your goals and what you might gain

Your priorities and hopes are my priorities and together we can work to clarify what you would like from counselling. Whatever it is that is troubling you I aim to help you to find greater peace of mind, wellbeing and a better state of mental health. You will have support with facing up to, processing and adjusting to change and loss. Through our collaboration you have the opportunity to build a more compassionate and loving relationship within yourself. There is every chance that you will build confidence and self esteem. Results will usually improve all areas of your life, after all whatever impacts you as a person will affect everything you do, and everyone you meet. As we work towards these outcomes it won't always be easy but you will discover that fears are usually worse than actuality and as you move through different phases with the support of our working alliance you will be able to find a way through and achieve the goals that you hope for.

What you bring

At the very least you bring yourself. Our work together relies on a collaboration between us, so the more you bring in terms of readiness to change the more prepared you will be for progress. However, whatever stage you are at in terms of motivation there can be benefits. For example the first step might be to clarify what the problem is and what you might be doing to perpetuate it. Whatever strengths and self knowledge you already have will also emerge in our work together.

How will I work with you?

I aim to provide you with a warm authentic relationship where you have the space to really express yourself, to make discoveries and to grow. The relationship is very important as by building a sense of trust we can then work together and from this safe space you will be enabled to take on challenges and develop in new ways.

I aim to work within your way of thinking and working towards your chosen goals. I hope to enable you to develop your ability to cope with difficulties by having the opportunity to express your thoughts and feelings and to build your own skills so that you are able to improve your quality of life and feel a freedom to be yourself. My intention is that you will experience a level of authenticity and insight that helps you to heal or feel empowered, and additionally learn strategies for altering your responses to life, some of these will be practical day to day mood changing techniques; others will involve confidence and relationship building skills. Overall I hope that our time together will enable you to feel more in tune with how you want to be in your life.

As well as a particular focus on our relationship I also bring in a number of techniques as and when they become relevant and working with what best suits you. I take an experimental approach and provide the opportunity for experiments both within and outside the session. Sometimes this involves using Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) which is a practical opportunity to notice and change ways of thinking and behaving.

I work on a number of different levels and recognize the influence of thoughts, feelings, behaviour, the here and now, the past including looking back at childhood.

Creativity is an important aspect of my approach. This comes about in many ways, partly through our conversation. I also work with pictures and objects, sometimes using an art therapy approach to enable you to make images which help to develop understanding. Alternatively we may use photographs or found images.

Learning new strategies for coping with life and changing ways of thinking can also involve Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), this is a positive approach to change which is particularly goal focussed. As part of this I might teach relaxation techniques or ways of changing your thinking patterns that can help you to be successful, peaceful and happy.

I trained as a coach before my counselling training and I also occasionally integrate coaching into my work where this seems to fit with your way of thinking.

Some clients are drawn to certain ways of working, others make discoveries in ways that may come as a surprise. Through experimentation we can explore what seems to be most suitable for you.

Overview of my experience

I have been a counsellor for 8 years, a life coach for 10 years, a counselling supervisor for 5 years. I have also been a group facilitator and trainer on personal development courses.

My experience in counselling has included working in University and College services providing counselling for students. I have also been a counsellor in a bereavement service, an alcohol service, a GP referral service and a school. I have worked with a wide range of people; of all ages, students, people working in corporate settings, creatives, artists, teachers, unemployed people, from different ethnic backgrounds and from other countries, gay men and lesbians.

Additionally I worked at SANE (a national mental health organisation) where I trained and supervised volunteers who provide emotional support and information to people affected by mental illness; an important part of this role was to understand the impact of mental illness and the ways it is responded to in the health service and within society.

Qualifications and Training

My main counselling training was a Postgraduate Diploma in Counselling and Psychotherapy from University of East London completed 2005.

I have completed additional courses as follows;

Certificate in Person Centred Supervision - completed in spring 2008 City Lit training in Person Centred Art Therapy - summer 2006 City Lit training in Person Centred Group Facilitation - summer 2005 NLP Practitioner Certificate, McKenna Breen March 2003 Life Coaching Certificate, Newcastle College 2003 Certificate in Counselling skills, Regents College 1988

Professional body affiliation

An Accredited Member of British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy.

Fee and terms

I charge £50 for a 50 minute session. If on occasion a client is unable to attend a session I ask for 24 hours notice or the full fee is payable. I receive supervision to ensure I work to BACP accepted professional and ethical standards. I adhere to a confidentiality policy.

Helen can be contacted on 07961 116507 for more information.


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